Emblica Officinalis, a fresh fruit popularly known as Amla is known to have great medicinal properties. Kesavardhini Amla Oil, contains all the benefits of Amla. When applied it not only acts as a coolant but also prevents premature greying of hair. It also makes the hair strong and dandruff free. An ideal choice for healthy hair as well as for a healthy mind and body.
Shikakai literally means "fruit for the hair" Known to promote hair growth and prevent dandruff. Shikakai is a pod like fruit of the plant Acacia Concinna. Kesavardhini Shikakai Oil contains Shikakai extracts valued around the world for its hair care benefits. Using it daily keeps the scalp healthy and the hair beautiful.
The Kesavardhini Ready Mix Oil is a combination of pure natural oil mixed in standard proportion with the favourite oil of millions of women - Kesavardhini Concentrate Oil. It is ideal for scanty, thin and falling hair. using it as frequently as twice a day makes the hair grow long, thick and shining.
Just as lack of water dehydrates you, lack of oil causes dryness in the hair and scalp. Kesavardhini concentrate mixed with natural oils such as Olive. Coconut or Mustard provides the right nourishment to the hair and scalp. Prepared with natural ingredients Kesavardhini enables the hair roots to grow strong and makes the hair long and lustrous.
Kesavardhini Coconut Oil is made from grove fresh Coconuts specially hand-picked for crystal pure and clear coconut oil. Only the finest, mature Copras are used to extract oil thereby ensuring purity and natural fragrance. It is a perfect choice of Oil to be used with Kesavardhini Concentrate Oil for keeping hair rich and vibrant all through.
Kesh n Style is for the changing times. Combining all the benefits of traditional oil with a trendy non-sticky look. Containing extract of Amla blended with several naturals herbs to give hair a dark, soft, thick and shiny look.